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Teaching Assistantship:

1. EE210A: Microelectronics-I (May'22 to Jun'22)
TA Supervisor: Dr. Rik Dey

2. EE380A: Electrical Engineering Lab-I (Jul'22 to Nov'22)

TA Supervisor: Prof. Baquer Mazhari

3. NPTEL NOC EE-62: Basic Electronics (Jan'23 to Apr'23)

Course Instructor: Prof. Mahesh B Patil (IIT Bombay)

Link of Tutorials: click here

4. MATLAB Workshop : CSJMU (Kanpur University) (Mar'23 to Apr'23)

5. NPTEL NOC EE-91: Semiconductor Devices and Circuits (Jul'23 to Oct'23)

Course Instructor: Prof. Sanjiv Sambandan (IISc Bangaluru)

Link of Tutorials: click here 

Courses Offered:

1. Comprehensive Circuit Analysis with SPICE: Dept. of ECE, CSJMU (Kanpur University) (ongoing) 

   - Course designed and instructed!

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